Michael Jackson tops list of dead celebrities with most income in 2019 (See full details)

The legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, topped the list of high-earning dead celebrities for 2019 in a compilation released by Forbes on Wednesday, October 30.

MJ tops the list of late but high celebrity earners, making it the seventh consecutive time he is doing so with a whopping $60 million pretax income calculated from Monday, October 1, 2018.
This is coming despite the allegations of sexual abuse levelled against him in a popular HBO's documentary tagged Leaving Neverland. In the film, two men said he molested them as kids.
Forbes said that the streaming of the Jackson's music shot up to the roof at 2.1 billion in 2019 when compared to the 1.8 billion it had in 2018.
His worth was also calculated from the profits from Sony and Las Vegas show. Following him was Elvis Presley with an income of $39 million.

Below is the full list:

1. Micheal Jackson ($60 million) - N21,780,000,000
2. Elvis Presley ($39 million) - N14,157,000,000
3. Charles Schulz ($38 million) - N13,794,000,000
4. Arnold Palmer ($30 million) - N10,890,000,000
5. Bob Marley ($20 million) - N7,260,000,000
6. Dr Seuss ($19 million) - N6,171,000,000
7. John Lennon ($14 million) - N5,082,000,000
8. Marilyn Monrow ($13 million) - N4,719,000,000
9. Prince ($12 million) - N4,356,000,000
10. Nipsey Hussle ($11 million) - N3,993,000,000

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